Lost Dog Project

I am lucky enough to be able to volunteer as a fosterer for a dog rescue organisation. Rescued dogs stay in my home till they are adopted, I get to meet a lot of wonderful dogs, and every dog is a fun and rewarding experience. Fostering dogs frees up limited space in the rescues organisations kennels meaning they can get more dogs out of the pound before they are put to sleep. Not all the dogs can be saved, simply because there are just too many homeless dogs and not enough people who care. Rescue organisations have to make heart wrenching decisions when they have so few kennel spaces and so many perfectly lovely dogs needing that chance.  They have my up most admiration.

I wanted to create a piece of art that would make people have to interact with the issue of homeless dogs being put down. I wanted to make people see these are more than just statistics these are real dogs with real lives.

The Lost Dog game was inspired by early Net Art


How you can help rescue animals

Dogs Blog UK rescue dogs 

Save The Strays

Dog Pages find your local rescue

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