Upcoming Exhibition – Scan.it

I am pleased to announce that I will be exhibiting a piece as part of the Scan.it exhibition at Gallery40 in Brighton. Week 1 – THE COW + THE FONT

It runs from the 2 August  until 19 August. See the website for details here: Scan.it Exhibition and for you Facebook’ers here: Scan.it exhibition Facebook Event.

The Scan.it exhibition will feature images made using scanners as a creative alternative to photography.  The works shown will all be straight from the scanner, no Photoshop, no crops.

The work I will be showing at Scan.it is Black Dog, an image created using a rudimentary homemade scanner camera.

An image that at first glance seems further removed from reality than the straight forward photograph.

John Berger said “What makes photography a strange invention is that it primary raw materials are light and time”

Perhaps a scan uses time and light more honestly than a modern digital photograph, and therefore is a truer reality?

Collage of scans 2012

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