Quay Arts Duet Exhibition Winner

The Quay Arts Duet Exhibition will run from the 7th  of December till the 15th February 2014.

I replied to Holly’s post on her Facebook page wall inviting people to collaborate with her. I not only liked the idea of collaborating with Holly as I enjoyed her work but also the idea of collaborating with someone I had not met before and collaborating only via an online social networking platform.

We decided we wanted to create something that reflected collaboration through social networking. Inspired by double exposure photography that can bring two different visions together to form something new.  I wanted to make a physical mark on the images Holly sent me, I think I feel as if I was reclaiming a physical relationship with the art and the artist (Holly) by making a handmade physical mark. I liked to think of the journey the images had made. I like that the images had made a journey both digital (from camera to computer) and physically (from Newport to Essex as prints)

Holly and I have been awarded a solo show at The Quay Arts gallery for autumn/winter 2014 and I am really looking forward to working with her again.

Read more on the Quay Arts website.

Check out Holly Cades work.

Thanks to Holly Cade for the photographs of the exhibition



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