Journey Exhibtion at Quay Arts

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“Winners of Quay Arts’ collaborative Open Exhibition ‘Duet’ 2013, Holly Cade and Liz Sterry create work developed from a strong theme in their winning pieces.
‘Journey’ will take you on a range of escapades through the eyes of these two artists, working in photography and mixed media.
Holly and Liz decided on the theme ‘journey’ collaboratively through discussions via Facebook. They have individually developed works based on the theme to highlight their physical separation.

In the exhibition, Holly explores ‘journey’ through imaginative photographic works; building narratives and depicting scenes from infamous and less well known novels.
Liz’s work stems from an exchange of conversations between herself and her sister based in Tasmania. Through found photographic slides and extracts from personal Facebook messages, Liz explores the notion of communication via online networks and found material.

Also included in the exhibition are collaborative works, exchanged without physical contact with one another, but rather on the works themselves. The exhibition preview will also mark the first time Holly and Liz will meet face to face.

About the artists:

Isle of Wight based Photographer Holly Cade has been developing her practice since September 2008. Holly completed her third year at the IW College in 2011, receiving a Distinction in BTEC Diploma in Photography. Her portfolio styles have grown over the past five years, ranging between portraits and small-scale model projects, to commissions and live events. Holly’s work has featured in local galleries, magazines, exhibitions and she has won regional awards and competitions. She has been working with a local magazine ‘Style of Wight’, taking Portraits, Feature Photography, Street Photography, and also Product Photography. She has also worked with ‘Allumer’ jewellery, as well as other commissions and personal projects.

Liz Sterry works in a variety of mediums from photography to installation. She is currently based in Essex, studying for a Masters in Art at Writtle College. Recently Liz has been showing installation work with Further Fields’ Digital tour exhibition. Liz makes work that attempts to questions the ways in which we interact and communicate; she is particularly interested in how we interact online. She raises concerns over how social media shifts our behaviour – looking down at our smart phones, missing out on making connections with people physically. Liz explores these alterations in the way we communicate throughout her practice.”

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Thank you to Georgia Newman for the opening event photographs

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