We Are Not Alone

I’m very excited to be part of We Are Not Alone Twiter at 20-21 Visual art centre in Scunthorpe.
It opens 23 January and ends April 2016
WANA catalogue
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See bellow for the installtion I created for We Are Not Alone

I invite you to select which pictures are seen, to curate the sets I have created for this exhibition.
You may select up to six pictures to hang on the spaces provided. You don’t have to like six, you may like less, you may also like none of the pictures and choose to take them all down.
This is inspired by social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.
If you are a user of these kinds of sites you will have probably noticed that if someone you follow clicks the ‘like’ button on a picture you will likely see it in your news feed, or maybe the site will suggest pictures to you “Based on people you follow”
The people that follow you into We Are Not Alone at 20-21 will see the pictures you liked, and with your participation we will create an analogue response to ‘liking’ photos on social media – overall the pictures which are most often selected will be seen more.
Unlike social media these ‘likes’ won’t be recorded. You won’t be able to see which photographs have the most likes, only the ones that have been liked immediately before you. We won’t have any idea how many ‘likes’ each photograph will receive.


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